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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Black Lapel x Foundry ft. me

Photos by: Melly Lee                         Suit by: Black Lapel                              Tie by: YSL

This is an extremely late post, my hair did not grow out that fast. This shoot was for foundry magazine earlier this year, collaboration of the great Melly Lee and Jenny Ong of Neonblush. Thank you to everyone who participated to make this work!!!

Also another great thanks to the company who sent me this suit, Black Lapel. I've emphasized this multiple times but when it comes to picking an outfit or even a piece of clothing, what matters most to me is FIT. The fit of anything makes the outfit. The best thing about Black Lapel is that they are a tailor made suit company, fitting everything to a T for their customers. Like this suit for example, it literally fit like a glove, not to mention the materials aren't some secondhand f21 fabric. Check them out for more information!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Apartment 210 meets Melly Lee



Photos by: Melly Lee

End of 2k12 brings in a new shoot for 2k13 with our good friend Melly Lee :] Seeing as how we've started our new youtube channel, we decided to plan our shoot around a theme that we had running in our youtube channel. Me and my newfound fear for apples. We hope you like it! AND don't forget to give our youtube channel a visit, here are some of our videos, check them out ;] HAPPY NEW YEARS!